Seminar for Catechism Teachers of the Parish is slated for 14th June 2014 (from 10.00 am to 12.00 noon)
Our Church

The Holy Cross Church is situated in Tangassery, a beach town on the shores of the Arabian sea in the city of Kollam, Kerala State,India.

Our School

The St.Patricks L.P. School built in 1932, is a Govt. aided school located in The Holy Cross Church Campus. The school follows Kerala State Syllabus (medium Malayalam) and houses students from Class I st to IVth.


Tangasseri Holy cross Mutual Benevolence Scheme is an educational project undertaken by the holy cross parish launched on 24/02/2013. Project was inaugurated by Most Rev. Dr Stanley Roman, Bishop of Quilon.

Parish Bulletin

The Holly Cross Idavaka Pathram' is a monthly newsletter of the Holy Cross Church which began publication in December, 2011. The magazine attempts to cover all events happening in the church.