Our Church

Our Church

Tangasseri, the place lies to the south of Quilon city towards the Arabian Sea and is situated on the Latitude of 86.554o North and Longitude 76.035o East. This place is a natural promontory in 99 acres of land extending into the sea within the ancient southern Fort which lies around 105 acres of land. Geographically this place provides a natural harbor for the Quilon coast. Significantly historic relevant records indicate that the port of Quilon was also known as the “Bay of Tangasseri”.

Under the British rule Tangasseri’s major changes were centered on its religious and educational institutions. By the late 1700’s, there was only one church in Tangasseri the Pro-Cathedral, which was built in 1789 under the rule of Mr. Vanspal the Dutch Captain.

In 1841 one more church was built near the great and famous entrance of Tangasseri named “Arch” situated in Kaval Junction (Post name Karakmukku) by the Arch Bishop Rev Dr. Don Manual Sam Joachin Naves, the then Arch Bishop of United Crangannoor Cochin Arch Diocese Intended as a chapel for his burial. The surrounding of the chapel was fully covered by a beautiful garden even seen in the kingdom. The chapel was also used as the place of rest for the Arch Bishop Dr. Joachin Naves.

In 1905 the church again renovated by the restraint of Mr. Sebastian-Le-Fernandez who’s Tomb can also be seen in the cemetery. By this time the church yield the statue of the Lady Amalophave and the Great Bell of St. Joseph from Europe, by the support and help of Arch Bishop Dr. Maria Benziger Aloysius the bell still rang at newly built “Mony Meda”. In 1926 the Holy Cross Church became an independent Parish and appointed Rev. Fr. Emmanual Fernendez as parish Priest.

Now the churches began to a big run and continue with the full support of the parishioner and parish committee under the guidance of Rev. Fr.Paul Antony, the Parish Priest  of the church.